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Krittenbrink Architecture is proud to be Oklahoma’s premier Greek house architects, dedicating ourselves to provide some of the finest and most elegant designs for chapter houses across the state, and the nation. Our years of experience, expert designs, customer services, and high-quality construction materials have set us apart from our competition, making us the go-to team for all of your architectural needs. In addition to renovations, we also specialize in historic preservation and renovation, as well as interior design consultation work — our holistic services can truly transform any building! 

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Before we get started on any Greek chapter house project, we first like to identify all of the things that make the chapter unique so the design can be specific to the residents that live there and the history of the house itself. Our team works intimately with all clients involved in the process, so they can rest assured that the entire experience — from the first sketches of the singular designs to breaking ground to opening the doors to the freshly-designed house — is something they feel confident about and love.

Our team creates some of the largest and most comprehensive Greek chapter housing architecture in Oklahoma. Our experience in sorority and fraternity housing projects includes master planning, facility assessments, and complex renovations, additions, and new build projects. Our professional architecture services and client-centered approach ensures that we align our goals with the goals of the client, creating a design that also aligns with the function and mission of Greek organizations.

If you are ready to get started, we invite you to connect with us today. We are excited to arrange a consultation with you!