At the pre-design phase, the Architect collects legal and site information, and develops a preliminary building program.

  • Create field verification documents that reflect existing conditions of building and site
    • Site plan
    • Floor plans
    • Exterior elevations
  • Verify existing condition of building systems
    • Structural
    • HVAC
    • Plumbing
    • Electrical
    • Life Safety
  • Building Program
    • Interview clients to identify needs and desires as it relates to building
    • Create a written building program that addresses all identified needs and code requirements
    • Verify validity of program with client
    • Get owner sign-off


Design/Design Development:

At the design phase, the Architect develops the information from pre-design into its visual interpretation. The Architect and Client then work to develop the formal design, composed of plans and exterior architecture.

  • Create schematic design documents that are the graphic representation of the building program
  • Insure schematic design meets all the requirements of the building program
  • Develop schematic design documents to insure they meet base criteria
    • Architectural
    • Structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing
  • Provide the following schematic design documents
    • Site plan
    • Floor plan
    • Exterior elevations
    • Rendering
  • Get owner sign off


Construction Documents

The construction document phase is where the Architect develops detailed documents and specifications that communicate the approved design. The proposed project is detailed according to professional architectural standards and within the codes of the local permitting institution.

  • Create construction documents comprised of the work of those professionals required to develop the project.
    • Civil
    • Structural
    • Mechanical, electrical, plumbing
    • Landscape
    • Kitchen
    • Sustainability
  • Insure architect and all consultants develop documents that are code compliant
  • Coordinate the efforts of all consultants in construction document production, with review check points at 30, 60, 90, and 100%
  • Create specifications that provide technical data on all building materials and systems.
  • Coordinate the efforts to gather cost estimates at 30/60/100 percent.
  • Create final documents to serve as permit, bidding, and construction documents.


Construction Administration

Construction administration is where the Architect performs site observation, communicating thoughts to client and contractor(s). Site meetings and appropriate documentation are coordinated, allowing all parties to stay informed and monitor construction according to approved plans.

  • Permit
    • If required, provide all services required to get a building permit
    • Submit documents to municipality for review
    • Coordinate review process with municipality
  • Bidding & Negotiation
    • Coordinate all efforts to secure a group of general contractors to review and submit estimates/bids
    • Secure and review estimates/bids with owner
    • Negotiate contract price to obtain an acceptable building budget.
    • Select a general contractor.
  • Construction Administration
    • Create a systematic construction process with general contractor, creating a building schedule that outlines the project.
    • Establish schedule of site meetings
    • Provide answers to questions that come up in construction
    • Oversee production and distribution of site meeting minutes
    • Observe construction to insure the plans and specifications are being met.
    • Provide punch list to identify all items that need to be addresses so as to achieve 100% completion