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Inspired Architectural Designs

Serving Oklahoma and the U.S.

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Modern Designs Paired with Timeless Principles

A building is a building is a building, sure, but the process by which that building was crafted lends it its character and feeling. In an age where function trounces form in so much of what we create, Krittenbrink Architecture strikes the delicate balance between the two in everything we do.

We approach each project as an exciting challenge, weaving our talents, experience, and passion together with all of the ideas and values you bring to the table. The result is a collaborative venture that results in a high-quality design and a building that truly needs to be seen to be believed.

We Specialize in a Variety of Architectural Styles

  • Offer your fraternity or sorority chapter a comfortable place to live and learn with our Greek housing architecture.
  • Build the home of your dreams with our residential design services.
  • Create inviting spaces for all thanks to our multi-family residential designs.
  • Elevate your historic structures with our purposeful renovations and expansions.
  • Draw new customers to your workplace with a fresh commercial remodel.
  • Express the values of your community through intuitive institutional architecture.


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For years, our firm has been reimagining the architectural landscape of the state of Oklahoma and on campuses across the country. We believe that the personality of you, our team, and the building you’re working on provide the inspiration needed to create a truly incredible design.


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Greek Living 

The classic fraternity or sorority house is as much a fixture on college campuses as the mascot or the students themselves. Embodying timeless traditions and a chance to create life-long connections, Greek life housing is a critical part of the fraternal experience. Our designs harmonize the desire for social time, the need for academic focus, and the call of tradition. Our architecture team has completely transformed historic Greek houses, bringing modern amenities and designs to buildings steeped in culture. You can find examples of our Greek housing on campuses throughout the United States. 



Renewing a historic space is an incredible opportunity. The state of Oklahoma has a proud architectural history, and many of the most prominent buildings in its communities are eligible for nomination to the National Register of Historic Places. As such, it’s important to work with an architectural firm that recognizes and honors the social and cultural significance of a building, while still finding new ways to make use of it. At Krittenbrink, we use practices and techniques that are compliant with the guidelines established by the U.S. Dept. of the Interior. The end result is a building that extends a hand to the past with modern design ideas.



Sometimes making a house feel like home takes more than just rearranging the furniture and putting up a new coat of paint. In moments like these, you can trust our team of architects to present nuanced designs and renovations that help you create a home you feel is comfortable, safe, and natural. As part of our residential design services, we can also partner you with our team of interior designers. From intriguing lighting displays to a catalog of furnishing suggestions, our interior designers can offer insights into making your home truly feel like yours. 


Just as much as your logo and branding, the building your business is in is an effective part of your sales and marketing efforts. We take distinct pride in renovating and revamping commercial spaces. From restaurants to shops and so much more, our team can take your already great workplace and make it even better. Once the design work has been outlined, we can connect you with our talented interior designers to help you furnish the space. By the time it’s all said and done, you’ll have a business that draws customers in and keeps them there.


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You can bring your creative vision to life when you work with the professionals at Krittenbrink Architecture. From design and construction to planning and decoration, our full-service architecture firm can help you build the kind of buildings you want to spend time in. Connect with us today, and schedule your consultation.


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