Opening a business is a gigantic undertaking — devoting countless hours to honing your craft, creating a business plan, branding and marketing, licensing, registrations, and so much more. The process itself is long and exhausting and takes optimal care and attention to execute, and requires nearly all of your cognitive power. When you find a location to place your business, it is common to jump on the first commercial business that feels like a good fit and fits within your budget. Maybe you want to start from the ground up, designing and building a space that is unique to your business and its mission. Or, maybe you want to commit to the historic preservation of your commercial building, and want to get the help of experienced architects who know how to do it all. 

No matter the case, Krittenbrink Architecture in Norman, Oklahoma is your solution. We work with each client closely to create designs that are geared towards making your business grow. We can enhance your existing commercial space with new additions or interior design work; we can design a space from the ground up, incorporating fresh designs that are sure to draw customers in and ensure they return; we can maintain the historic character of your commercial spaces while updating them to meet the requirements of a modern workplace. If your commercial space needs a refresh or a fresh start, then contact our team today to schedule a consultation.  

Architects Can Make Your Life a Little Easier

Whether you are giving your commercial space a facelift or building one from scratch, the process is long, messy, and disruptive. An architect will look out for your interests and find ways to make the process go as smoothly as possible so you can start working, or get back to work, as soon as possible in a beautiful new space that better fits your needs. This can be especially helpful if your project requires engineering or other design services, as the architect will coordinate with the team of experts so you don’t have to, taking some of the burden off of your soldiers so you can devote more of your time to your business. The architect also visits the construction site to help verify that the project is being built according to plans and specifications.  


An Architect Wears Several Hats Throughout the Process

Whether you are purchasing, leasing, or building your commercial space, you will likely need to hire a team of trained and licensed experts, and an architect needs to be one of them. While an architect is not necessarily a project manager, they are able to step in when needed and advocate for the owner’s interests with all the other parties who are working on the space. Your architect works with clients to build rapport and trust, which is imperative when building or designing a space that is going to represent you and your business. Architects know the legal codes surrounding what you want to do, and know how to comply with the construction codes and zoning regulations.


They Design with the Client in Mind

Commercial architects work to understand the behavior of consumers and others who interact with their client’s business. This requires architects who can sometimes grasp the psychology of sales, as well as a familiarity with consumer trends. Most importantly, however, commercial architects investigate how various design choices can influence how consumers behave, what decisions they make, and how they perceive the client’s brand, products, and service. The architect is your advocate, providing solutions based on years of full-time experience, and will work closely with you to make a space that not only fits your business model, but your goals as a business owner. 


Architects Solve Problems

Some projects start with wanting more space in your office or your restaurant to make more room for your business’ growth. But how does that get translated into square feet and three-dimensional space? You can draw it on paper, sure, and imagine what it would look like in your head, but how can you make this into reality? This is what architects are trained to do — solve problems in creative ways. With a broad knowledge of design and construction, architects can show you alternatives and options you might never have thought of on your own. 

Architects can design an office that meets your needs today and can be adapted for tomorrow. If you have a limited budget, they will look for ways to make your project more cost-effective. If you are looking to expand your space while maintaining the historic integrity, architects know just how to do that.


Architects Help Create a Clear Objective For Your New Space, as Well As the Right Message 

It is probably a good idea to do some brainstorming before you hire an architect, deciding how you want your building to shape employee behavior and work patterns, or on how you want customers to interact with you and your building. Make your goals as specific as possible, but an architect can help you state exactly what you expect from your space to make it a reality. Creativity requires extra time, but the guidance of an experienced professional will challenge you to flesh out those ideas and clarify the kind of space that will serve your business the best. 

If your business already has a mission, or after you have solidified your mission, your architect will work with you to incorporate your branding into the commercial building. Project your taste and your company’s values and goals by making the necessary design statements. If you want your customers or employees to feel a certain way in your space, an architect will create a space that uses light, color, and a layout in a way that evokes those feelings. 

The architects at Krittenbrink Architecture are skilled professionals who work closely with clients to develop a distinctive style that compliments your commercial businesses’ goals, values, mission, and services. We aim to be awe-inspiring both in our customer service as well as our commitment to distinguished designs. To learn more about our architects in Norman and our commitment to historic preservation, unparalleled design techniques, or to simply schedule a consultation, contact our team today.