In Greek housing architecture, certain elements can create great first impressions. But before a recruit shows up at the house, they’ve probably already seen you online.

Websites, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and a variety of other digital platforms are critical to reaching audiences with carefully crafted messages. For a better perspective on digital communications and branding, we turned to Rhyme & Reason Design, experts in strategy development, branding, websites and integrated campaigns.

Here are their responses to some of our questions:

Q) What elements of a website make the biggest first impressions for sororities and for fraternities?

A) The home page of any site is where people decide whether they want to learn more or jump ship. It’s no different for Greek organizations. So, what makes a home page eye-catching? Photos, especially those that are relatable to the end-user, can he or she see themselves as a sister or a brother. These photos can be displayed as banners or within social feeds.

Q) What role do corporate websites play in recruiting new members, and what role does social media play in the process?

A) National websites are beneficial in establishing credibility among the secondary market of parents, university staff and the community. The sites offer information about history, philanthropy and standards of behavior – things that are more important to those making financial decisions.

While sites are a resource for potential members, most high-school student are collecting anecdotal information from social media and personal friends, cultivating perceptions of the social experience.

Q) Which type of social media is most effective?

A) Wouldn’t it be great if there were a one-size-fits-all solution to marketing? Sadly, there isn’t. We can tell you that Instagram is awesome, and Snapchat is popular, but it really depends on the audience and the message.

For example, if we’re looking at recruitment only, then the more popular channels for younger members are Instagram and Snapchat, while older alumni still prefer Facebook. However, as you look at the research, even social isn’t reaching the discerning Millennial and Gen Z crowds as well as it once did.

Q) What types of printed materials are most effective in fundraising campaigns for new Greek housing construction projects?

A) Once upon a time, people thought print was on its deathbed, but it’s funny how digital saturation brings about nostalgia for traditional media. Plus, who doesn’t love getting actual mail, not just bills in the mailbox?!

Over-sized postcards that are well designed are eye-catching and super affordable to print in large quantities. Meanwhile, multi-page brochures or complex packages are impressive, and they show how much the organization believes in a project.