Greek housing projects are characterized by collaboration and interaction, not only between the Greek organization and the architect, but also with the fundraisers and legal experts.

There are five fundamental steps leading to construction, and each step leads to the next as the team works to ensure success.

  1. The Feasibility Study – The fundraising group determines the fundraising potential of the organization, which will drive the size and scope of a project.
  2. Schematic Design – Architect creates a building program that results in a schematic design,which leads to presentation documents that include a cost estimate and an educational square footage calculation.
  3. Legal Review – Legal counsel verifies the educational square footage calculation and documents the associated Educational Tax Credit benefit potential for the organization and the IRS.
  4. Fundraising Campaign – The development effort is initiated with a quiet campaign, followed by a public campaign. These activities will help establish the donation capacity of an organization’s alumni, and that information can determine a project budget.
  5. Production of Construction Documents – Architect uses information from previous steps to produce construction documents necessary for the building project.