The interior designers at Krittenbrink Architecture rely on a set of specialized skills and their experience in order to bring all of the stylistic elements of your building together. More than just picking color schemes and furniture, interior designers think about how a space is used, and predict how people will move through it. Each of our interior designers work to help your building achieve its true potential and create places and spaces that anyone will find comfortable and inviting.

Our Approach to Interior Design

More than simply picking out matching drapes and carpeting, our interior design team uses a proven system to ensure that the end result exceeds your expectations. They start by assessing our needs and interests and comparing it to the building itself. From there, schematics are drawn up and one of our designers begins to plan the space. Lighting is then considered, and soon after furniture and fixtures are selected and installed. We even coordinate with outside vendors to ensure that you get the right pieces and accessories.

Of course, for commercial buildings, signage is an essential part of the design process, from both a branding and a legal aspect. Our interior designers are happy to help you with all of your signage needs, be it for advertising or safety and welfare purposes.

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