Greek Housing Designed To Turn Heads

After an extended absence from the University of Oklahoma campus, the Alpha TAu Omega needed a new Greek house to announce their return. The fraternity needed a chapter house that honored its past, but still prepared it for future growth and changes. Krittenbrink Architecture used a blend of classic Greek housing elements along with unconventional design choices. Our work was limited by the size of the lot the chapter was provided, as well as a need for additional parking. Ultimately, our design was able to accomplish all of their project requirements.

How We Transformed This Greek House

  • The exterior of the building used architectural elements and materials taken from the original ATO house. 
  • Public rooms in the house featured adjustable layouts to create larger or smaller spaces as needed.
  • Four-man suites were crafted to offer a private living experience while maintaining a strong sense of community.

Greek House Modernizations and Renovations

Just because a Greek chapter house has a sense of history doesn’t mean it can’t benefit from a refresh now and then. As your chapter changes and grows, so should the house. Krittenbrink Architecture specializes in new construction and renovation work for Greek housing. We incorporate proven elements along with your feedback and vision in each of our designs. The end result is a truly unique Greek house that any chapter would be proud to call home.

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Designing a new Greek house, or starting a major renovation can be daunting. That’s why Krittenbrink Architecture offers a complete array of services. We can help with challenging tasks like construction documentation and administration, as well as working with campus and local officials to get blueprints and designs cleared. From first drafts to final cuts, you can trust us to be your trusted partner during every step of the design and construction process.

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