Architectural Designs that can Help Your Business Grow

In business, and in life, first impressions are everything. When it comes to your business, nothing makes a first impression faster than your commercial spaces. More than just signs, even seemingly minute details like your choice in flooring can make a difference when you’re trying to bring in more customers.

That’s why it’s so important to have professionals, like the designers at Krittenbrink Architecture, design and develop your commercial spaces.

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  • We can enhance your existing commercial spaces with new additions or interior design work, or design a space from the ground up, unique to you and your needs.
  • Fresh new designs for the interior and exterior of your commercial spaces draw customers in and ensure they return in the future.
  • Better serve your customers by expanding your existing workspaces and including more design elements.
  • Together we can help you maintain the historic character of your commercial spaces while updating them to meet the requirements of a modern workplace.
  • Our interior design specialists can help stage your commercial space with insightful approaches to lighting, furniture, and other fixtures.

Rose Rock Veterinary Hospital & Pet Resort
Norman, Oklahoma

An existing veterinary clinic was lacking in space to serve an expanding client base, as well as space to provide new pet care technology. Further, the mixture of different animals required separation of certain functions.

The building front was expanded to create more physical space. From there, space was repurposed to accommodate different components of the practice, from dogs to cats, physical therapy to radiation, check-in to retail. Vaulted ceilings accompanied by natural finishes, created a natural “outdoor” feel that welcomes and serves.



Norman, Oklahoma

A new dining concept, featuring a holistic approach to breakfast and lunch, purchased property in a downtown “Main Street” area. A 25 foot wide by 150 foot long space created the challenge of avoiding a shotgun approach, while taking advantage of all natural light, provided only at front and back building facades.

The front space, 20’ wide, incorporated banquet seating to maximize seating and give this area a feeling of width. Thirty feet in, the dining area expanded to full width and though light filled, created a more intimate dining experience.

Recycled materials – brick, repurposed shipping pallets – created an interior veneer juxtaposed against the use of bright colored booths, recycled lighting fixtures, and neon art.



La Baguette Restaurant
Norman, Oklahoma

A 5,000-square-foot bakery and bistro located on the west side of Norman, Oklahoma.

Build out a plain, newly constructed retail space to create a contemporary European café look and feel. Invite coffee shop and lunch patrons during the day; transform to fine dining establishment in the evening.

Created visually and physically distinct areas for bakery/coffee shop, wine bar and fine dining. Imparted a sense of casual elegance with sensual curves, oversized booths, a floating ceiling and large, wood-louvered windows. Used natural and modern industrial elements such as wood, steel, glass and rich fabrics.



Vito’s Ristorante

Town Tavern, a landmark on Campus Corner in Norman for decades, had been abandoned. The once popular diner was in disrepair, and modifications over time had robbed it of its integrity.

A complete restoration of the exterior, exposing historical architectural elements long obscured from view, drove both the exterior and interior renovation. Re-establishing the original full height store front and transoms created sunlight filled interior. Dining was kept to the perimeter of the building, while kitchen, storage, and bathroom functions were moved to the interior. Vito’s prototype drove color and material selections, giving a local icon new life.


The right architectural and interior design choices can make your business stand out from the competition. Draw customers into your commercial spaces and help make them repeat customers by offering them convenient and attractive areas to eat, drink, shop, and relax. 

At Krittenbrink Architecture, we keep your unique business goals and objectives in mind as we recreate or design your new commercial spaces. We’ve partnered with businesses and commercial ventures across the country, taking care of their design needs from the initial planning stage to the zoning and appeals process and beyond.

If your commercial space is in need of a refresh or a fresh start, connect with us today to schedule a consultation.