Timeless Design Choices Paired With Sensible Principles

The architectural history of churches and other places of worship is filled with incredible examples of incredible design choices and ideas. More than simply a gathering places are meant to embody the message of the members inside as much as the scripts and artifacts within it. Thanks to our years of experience and a keen eye for design, the team at Krittenbrink Architecture has helped renovate, design, and construct a variety of churches.

Building a Strong Foundation For Your Church

  • Our designs and work carefully maintain the character and nature of your church.
  • A renewed architectural design is a great way to draw in new followers and reconnect with existing ones. 
  • With our architectural designs and interior design skills, our full-service firm can completely reimagine your church.
  • Our team will help you with the entire project, including planning, development, zoning and the appeals process.
  • From expansions to restorations, all of our work is sympathetic to the original design elements of your church.
  • From space planning and seating arrangements to lighting, we can help you make smart design choices for your gathering spaces.


First Baptist Church
Norman, Oklahoma

The church’s interior had undergone renovations over the years that resulted in poor connections from one large space to another. The interior spaces were dark and reflected an older, “institutional” style versus the light-filled, welcoming space that the church desired. Additional challenges included needing an exterior entrance to auditorium, as well as bringing the interior up to American Disability Act standards.

Krittenbrink reoriented traffic patterns throughout the building that allow for people to move from one space to another without walking through sanctuary. The firm designed a new front entry and incorporated an elevator for an additional entry for disabled individuals. Additionally, classrooms were updated to meet the needs of the modern church with classes for children and adults.

Often the cornerstone of a community, your church stands as a tangible connection to your faith. This means that its architectural design should offer ample space to welcome all, and find a greater sense of community. 

We approach all of our projects with purpose and intent, meaning that we want each design to meet the needs of you and your fellow church-goers. We take the time to get to know you and your community and offer design ideas that best express your values. Our team of capable church architects is ready to take your creative vision and craft it into reality.

You can begin your new architecture project today by reaching out to our team and setting up a consultation. We’re excited to meet with you!