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Krittenbrink Architecture LLC Newest Intern

Meet our intern Arianna Hawkins. She comes to us from Texas A&M College Station with an undergraduate degree in Environmental Design and Architecture. Hawkins spent a year with Merriman Anderson Architects of Dallas specializing in historical preservation and has worked on several historic projects in Dallas. Hawkins is in her final year at The University of Oklahoma and will be earning her Masters of Architecture degree.

At Krittenbrink Architecture, Hawkins is honing her architectural planning/development skills on project documents for new construction and renovation, submittal reviews, and coordination. Whenever possible, she is always happy to jump in and learn.

Hawkins enjoys bike riding, traveling, rock climbing and coffee drinking. When it comes to architecture she loves getting out in the field and looking at old buildings. One of Hawkins favorite projects was the Ambassador Hotel in Dallas, TX. She said “It was old, haunted, full of mystery and mold. Just a fun building to field verify and work on during my time in Dallas.”

Hawkins is certified in LEED GA and Building Energy Modeling for BIM. After graduation she hopes to continue to work in historical preservation, her passion. She states her philosophy as, “The most sustainable building is the one already standing.”

Veronica KentishComment
OU Law Inasmuch Foundation Coloaborative Learning Center

In the fall of 2015 we were selected as the Architecture Firm to design the new Collaborative Learning Center. It was a nice surprise to have been selected as the cover and be featured in the OU Law Magazine "Sooner Lawyer".  Our talented team lead by Shawn Lorg, VP/Director of Design, created an animation of the project. We hope you enjoy it!

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Krittenbrink Architecture hires new Director of Strategic Partnerships

NORMAN, Oklahoma - It is with great pleasure to announce a new team member to the Krittenbrink Architecture family. 

Veronica Luna Kentish will serve in a new role for Krittenbrink Architecture as the Director of Strategic Partnerships. Veronica received a Bachelor Degree in Speech Communication from California State University, Long Beach and a Masters in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University. She has been working in the Greek Housing field for the last 6 years. 

Her talents and skills in interpersonal communication, servant leadership, event planning, public speaking, and customer service along with being an expert in Greek housing makes her an incredible addition to the team. 

This new addition will bring opportunities for growth in the business that accentuate its goals and values. As Director of Strategic Partnerships Kentish helps to lead, drive, and develop relationships with new business partners who also strive to serve the community. 

The goal in mind is to be able to effectively keep all partnerships running successfully and developing to their greatest potential by influencing professional administration. Krittenbrink Architecture does a fantastic job staying on the same page as their clients, partners, and team members and this new role will solidify this characteristic.

Krittenbrink Architecture LLC is an architecture firm based out of Norman, Oklahoma established in 1996. Krittenbrink Architecture LLC is an expert in Historical, Greek Housing, Commercial, Institutional, Residential and Multifamily Residential projects offering services in Architecture, Interior Design along with Master Planning, Development Planning, Zoning and appeals.